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Is Mira Hair Oil a Scam?

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Like an obese person collecting every exercise video or trying every new diet -- I tried every hair remedy known to man. I even tried a native American mud treatment, and I would keep rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to emulsify the oil in my hair. None of this worked. 20 years I battle with my short oily hair, and I sat capitulated in defeat. I had ugly hair to spite my face!  I accepted my defeat and had my beautician give me a low hair style. Good bye ugly hair. 

My defeat over my ugly, brittle, short hair.
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Is Mira hair oil a scam?

Mira hair oil promises to give women renewed hair growth, longer hair, and it is promised to reverse hair loss. If it weren't true, this would sound like a mere fantasy and marketing babble. Mira hair oil is as good as promised, and I am living proof. My hair story isn't that different from most women with short stringy oily hair. I have lived my entire life as the pretty girl with the ugly hair! I was always told that I had a pretty face, but I needed to do something with my hair. It's pretty sickening to hate apart of your body, as I did my hair.

I tried every product known to man!
Was chopping off my hair really good bye to my ugly hair?  Not quite. Instead of having medium length ugly and brittle hair, I now had ugly oily super short hair. Think Emma Watson's new short length hairstyle, except think of it looking oily and matted --- that was more my style.

I discovered this product after reading a Mira hair oil Reviews scam on the Internet, so obviously I thought that it had to be a scam. I think most people associate 
Is Mira hair oil a scam?

Not for me. Mira oil helped me regrow my hair longer and much healthier than it has ever been. Take some advice from a former ugly hair girl, and buy this product. 
the Internet with scams and overbearing marketers, but what did I had to lose? I read the fantastical stories about how it was an ancient Indian remedy, and how women from the village that the Mira oil is found have some of the most beautiful hair in the world. All of those stories didn't sell me on the product, it was my desperation and 20 year battle with ugly hair.